This sums up my job and why I love it so much. Thank you all!

A good barber cuts hair, a great barber services clients... In a barbershop it's not just about the haircuts, it's about the bullshit, It's hard to find some honest, decent bullshit nowadays. Off course we are lucky bastards being at the right place at the right time, we love the fact that our little shop grew into a shop that means a bit to people around the world, who could have ever thought...? We just wanted a place where WE would want to go, cutting the hair of our friends and freaks, vagabonds and scumbags from the subcultures we love so much... And well, it's still that place where you can chew the fat amongst your peers and that's the way it's gonna stay... Being a barber is in the first place taking care of the people

Arlene WicinskiComment